Advanced Standing MSW Programs

Are you a BSW holder? Then advanced standing MSW programs may be perfect for enhancing top-skilled social work ambitions.

The studies are specially intended for those with background knowledge in social work. You could acquire this credential in a lesser time than a regular MSW.

MSW Advanced Standing Programs

Of course, you want to know more about these studies, which is why you’re here.

Lucky for you! This article is going to talk more about these programs. In addition to that, we’ll talk about expedited courses you can offer online.

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  • What Do You Know About Advanced Standing MSW Programs?

These are programs created for scholars with BSWs from CSWE-approved schools. Because these studies aim to build on previous knowledge, they may take less time.

The studies demand fewer courses and can typically be acquired within twelve months of full-time study.

Furthermore, expedited MSW programs promote scholars’ grasping of various social work topics. The studies are designed to lower repetitious information they have learned in their previous degree.

Why Should You Go for MSW Advanced Standing Programs?

We have many reasons why you should opt for these classes. First of all, it’ll significantly save you time and money.

Next, the program can put you one step closer to starting your social work career. Because CSWE fully accredits your certificate, you can earn a state license after leaving school.

Online MSW Advanced Standing Programs

Are you looking for a flexible study option? If yes, online MSW will be right for you. With an internet connection, you can work towards this credential anywhere worldwide.

The programs are delivered at each learner’s preferred pace. For instance, there’re self-paced, asynchronous courses. Then synchronous classes involve more structure, usually with live lectures and set class times.

A few perks of online MSW accelerated courses include balancing a career in social work. You can also connect with faculty one-on-one during office hours.

Moreover, you can have assistance from the acceptance counselor and academic advisor. Finally, most online classes provide field placements near the student community.

Some schools that offer online advanced standing MSW studies include Simmons College, Fordham University, Florida State, Boston University, and more.

MSW Advanced Standing Coursework specifications 

Typically, this study requires 32 credit hours of coursework. However, some institutions may have more or less credit hour demands depending on the area of specialization you choose.

Focus area students will finish 1-2 semesters of fieldwork after completing their coursework. However, this will rely on your admission status.

Focus areas for this study include leadership and social change, advanced clinical, and healthcare. Others are children, youth, family service, mental health, schools, community practice for social change, and more.

Additional specialties include advanced generalist practice, and programming, trauma-informed practice.

How Does the Study Semester Look Like? 

You may have three or two terms per academic session, depending on your chosen school. We have the summer, fall, and spring for three-term studies. Then for two-term programs, we have the fall and spring terms.

Within these periods, you’ll cover a wide range of courses. They include advanced fieldwork, social policy, research methods, and individual therapy practice.

Other coursework includes independent research thesis, adductive families, resource development, micro training II & II, advocacy, and more.

Study Duration

Do you want to know how long it will take to finish your studies? Don’t worry; you’re about to find out soon. Generally, these programs are intended to last only 12 months of full-time study.

However, if you choose to study part-time, it may take you two years. We also have some classes that last 16 and 18 months, respectively.

Type of Enrollment

You can enroll in your studies in two ways. That’s part-time and full-time.

As noted above, full-time classes can be finished in at least a year or a half. The curriculum is structured with courses all around the year. With that, students can round up their studies within one year calendar.

Furthermore, most full-time classes have only one summer session. Then during the summer, you’ll take introductory courses before joining scholars in the second year of regular studies.

You can finish part-time studies within one and a half or two years. Students must also take compulsory courses before joining scholars in the other program.

Entry for part-time studies is often during the summer. But we have institutions that admit students during the fall and spring semesters.

Field Education

Fieldwork is mandatory for scholars running advanced-standing MSW.

You can finish this study at a local health service agency.

However, it’ll be under the guidance of an authorized field trainer. The hours needed to complete this study range from 450 to 900, depending on your study format.

Moreover, full-time studies may involve one or two work experiences over two semesters. You’ll be required to work at least 20 hours within these periods.

Then for part-time studies, the structure of fieldwork, placement, and work hours per week may vary based on your specialty.

Entry Conditions 

Certain essentials must be met before you are qualified for accelerated MSW studies.

Firstly, you must earn a BSW in liberal arts or sciences from CSWE approved institution. Secondly, you must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Furthermore, some schools may demand a personal statement, letters of recommendation, official transcripts, and background checks.

International scholars will be urged to provide proof of competence in the English language. In this case, you must submit test results such as TOEFL and IELTS.

There’re more admissions essentials beyond the ones we’ve just highlighted. You’ll need to research them on the official page of your desired institution.

Meanwhile, you must know that applying for advanced-standing MSW studies is a cost. Depending on your chosen institution, you must pay around $80 to $95.

Advanced standing MSW programs are appropriate for those with BSW. As you can see above, you can finish your studies earlier than those in traditional programs.

However, before you send in your application, ensure you have in-depth knowledge about the program you’re going for.