Alabama Social Work Masters (MSW) Programs

Here is a review of MSW programs in Alabama.

Alabama is home to many academic institutions that offer fully approved MSW programs. The CSWE is one of the regulatory bodies that approved such study courses.

It will be wise to seek a master of social work at one of their approved institutions. This is because their MSW studies are grounded in the core values of the occupation.

In other words, researchers are trained to promote people’s well-being, respect human differences, get involved in research, and so on.

MSW Programs in Alabama (AL) – Online & On-Campus

MSW graduates in every school in Alabama will receive a license to work as professional social workers in the US and abroad. This looks interesting, right?

Continue browsing this page to learn what it takes to study MSW in Alabama.

Why Must You Study MSW in Alabama?

A few reasons will motivate you to study MSW at any educational institution in Alabama.

Apart from being a hotbed of many schools offering one of the best MSW studies in the US, the program’s flexibility and cheapness should be another critical element.

Secondly, tremendous job opportunities are pending for MSW graduates. This means that at the end of your studies, there is a likelihood you will not suffer looking for a job.

As you continue to read, you may find more reasons to study in this state.

MSW Alabama: Study Track

Alabama schools offer about three curriculum options for MSW.

They include traditional or core studies, advanced standing, and part-time MSW. The conventional curriculum is designed to provide researchers with full-time on-campus MSW programs.

Anyone following this study route must complete 60-62 course credits with two electives that average 400-900 hours each.

Additionally, you’ll need two years to finish your traditional MSW education in Alabama.

On the other hand, the Advanced standing track is designed to help researchers with a Bachelor of Social Work complete their MSW quickly.

Thus, academics have approximately 36-45 course credits and two electives to complete within 10-12 months. These electives are advanced practical internships that carry 450-512 hours.

The part-time study path is the longest of Alabama’s three MSW options. Researchers take the same number of credit classes and electives but will be completed in an average of four years.

This type of program is perfect for employed or staying outside of Alabama researchers.

MSW Focus Areas in Alabama

Universities in Alabama offer many areas of concentration for MSW researchers to venture into. Here are a few of these areas of focus.

  • health disparities prevention and Policy
  • modern clinical practice, family and child welfare
  • gerontology social work, forensic social work
  • mental health social work, program evaluation
  • adults and their families
  • adolescents
  • Leadership and organizational management in social work and many more.

What about MSW Enrollment Model in Alabama?

Alabama got three MSW enrollment formats: on-campus, online, and hybrid.

Of the nine state schools that offer this social program, eight offer on-campus education, three operate online, and the remainder offer hybrid programs.

However, all of their nine universities offer traditional, advanced, and part-time MSW education. Let’s talk a bit about enrollment modes, as mentioned earlier.

On-campus studies are available for researchers who wish to complete their MSW programs full-time or part-time.

You will attend lectures, conferences, and other course activities on campus. If you wish, you can get a place to stay at the school to make things easy.

Studying MSW programs in Alabama is ideal for scholars without any job or engagement outside of school.


MSW Schools in Alabama

MSW programs at Alabama aim to prepare progressed scholar-practitioners to strengthen the lives of people and households.

Additionally, to expand neighborhood well-being and promote social laws that encourage systematic evolution.

After leaving school, you can earn a state license to work in diverse settings. As you keep reading this post, you’ll come across the schools that offer such studies in Alabama.

  • Alabama State University

Consider attending this school if you want an MSW reflecting professional purpose and value. They have suited programs for both learners with and without social work backgrounds.

For those with social work competence, their accelerated classes are for you. The course contents of such programs consist of 36 credits and some hours of field research.

You can finish your education within a year or two, depending on your chosen study format. However, for applicants with no social work backgrounds, their extended classes are for you.

Such programs include both foundational and specialty coursework. As such, you have 60 credits and many hours of field research to wrap up in two or three years.

  • Samford University

This academic establishment is also reputed for offering the best social work masters in the country. You can advance your education via their regular or advanced standing studies.

The regular classes are intended for scholars who need more social work backgrounds. Therefore, the syllabus contains foundational and specialization coursework.

You’ll be required to finish 60 credits and 900 hours of field research in two or three years.

However, for those with social work backgrounds, the advanced standing courses are for you. The course contents only feature specialized classes.

Therefore, you only have a few lessons with 500 hours of field research to be completed in under 12 months.

  • University of Alabama

This is another fantastic place you can earn your Master of Social Work. Their programs prepare advanced scholars and practitioners to improve the lives of diverse populations.

Therefore, the curriculum provides a balanced and integrated approach that includes professional foundation and specialization areas.

Students have the option to choose between conventional and expedited classes. The traditional courses are designed for scholars with bachelor’s degrees from other fields besides social work.

As such, the course contents for such programs entail 60 credits and 1000 hours of fieldwork. You can finish your studies under this route within two or three years.

Meanwhile, the expedited classes will suit candidates with social work competence. Such programs only entail a few specialized courses with 500 hours of field research.

Within a year or two, you can complete your education. Some areas you may concentrate on include human development within social systems, social welfare delivery systems, social welfare policy, etc.

  • University of North Alabama

Do you want high-quality education in social work? Consider earning your social work masters in this institution.

Their programs will provide you with the needed skills and hands-on competence for an advanced position in social work. You can work in various settings, including micro, macro, and mezzo practice.

If you have a BSW, accelerated classes will best fit you. The course contents for such programs entail 30 credits and 500 hours of field research.

Within a year or two, you can finish your studies. However, those with undergrad certificates in other fields will find the conventional programs appropriate.

The course contents feature 60 credits and 1000 hours of field research.

Students who choose such classes can complete their education within two or three years. Some courses you’ll offer include social justice advocacy, client assignments, human behavior, psychology, etc.

These aren’t all the universities that offer MSW programs in Alabama.

Other academic establishments you can earn such credentials are Troy, Alabama A&M University, Jacksonville State, Auburn, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Before applying to any of these institutions, research more about their programs.

Online MSW Programs In Alabama

Online studies for MSW in Alabama do not require students to tour the campus for a learning activity.

Everything will be done online: registration, conferences, lectures, or classroom projects. The advantage of this type of study in Alabama is that it is incredibly flexible and inexpensive.

Hence, it will be appropriate for employed scholars or living outside the state. Remember that you may also register online for a full-time, part-time, or advanced MSW program in Alabama.

On the other hand, Hybrid MSW includes both campus and online studies. Researchers will be expected to attend a weekly lecture in some Alabama institutions on campus, while the rest is completed online.

If you want to study online and at the same time get in touch with your classmates in person, consider enrolling in hybrid studies for MSW.

What Are The Entry Requisites For MSW Programs In Alabama?

Before getting an entrance to study an MSW course in Alabama, there are some essential elements that an interested researcher will be asked to satisfy.

They include:

  • A complete curriculum vitae
  • Candidates must submit three letters of reference from their previous school or professor. These letters are evidence of your personality, maturity, and integrity.
  • Fellows must provide a cumulative undergraduate grade point of at least 2.85 to qualify for traditional studies and 3.25 for advanced continuing studies.
  • Applicants will also be required to provide an academic transcript.
  • Interested researchers should submit an essay on their registration options for MSW programs.

What will it Cost to Study MSW in Alabama?

MSW tuition in Alabama depends on the university, the program, and the credit course an academic chooses. Most state schools charge $12,000 for advanced standing education and $24,000 for traditional education.

However, you need to know that fellows who participate in programs on campus will spend more money than other peers. There will be additional expenditures on transportation, accommodation, and other living expenses.

Earnings of MSW Graduates in Alabama

The salary of MSW graduates in Alabama depends on the organization you work with. But most MSW graduates who work with the child, family, and school sector receive a median wage of about $41,000.

Those who work in the healthcare sector receive between $38,000 and $47,000.

Alabama is one of the American states that provide the best MSW programs. As you can see above, researchers can opt for various suitable study options.

If you want to pursue your education in social work, Alabama schools are good places to get an MSW.