BSW Online Programs – 20 Best Bachelor Degrees In Social Work

Here are the best CSWE-accredited BSW programs online.

Social workers devote their lives to helping others and may have a significant and positive influence on many people’s lives.

BSW Online Programs

A bachelor’s degree in social work will give students a mix of theory and practical experience.

Both programs teach advanced clinical skills in economic and social development, mental wellbeing, advanced clinical social work practices, policy practice, and current social challenges to students.

Social Work Bachelors Degrees Online

Explore these bachelors in social work degree programs institutions below.

  1. The University of North Dakota

Students in the University of North Dakota’s online BSW degree benefit from a cohort format that emphasizes a generalist approach to practice education.

Students who complete this program are prepared for entry-level social work positions.

Students can participate in Live Classroom sessions to converse directly with their peers and teachers through video technology.

Final-year students must complete 450 hours of fieldwork at a social service institution and a seminar in field education.

To graduate from this program, you must complete field placements in the following areas; North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Eastern Manitoba, and Southern Manitoba.

  1. The University of Utah

The University of Utah’s online BSW degree is one of only a few in the United States that is fully accredited.

This curriculum consists of a wide range of courses, including liberal arts, core, and field courses, that help students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the social work sector.

Students participating in the online course can complete the degree from any location in the United States they choose to do so remotely.

In addition to more freedom, the faculty in this program are committed to helping students succeed academically and professionally.

Online discussion boards, individual tasks, and virtual collaboration with classmates to accomplish group projects are all options for students during this program.

  1. Wayne State University School of Social Work

Students in Wayne State University’s Where Online Works (WOW) Bachelor’s of Social Work program receive the same curriculum & education requirements as those in the on-campus program, including a 400-hour field placement.

Canvas is the primary online platform for discussion boards and learning materials in the WOW program. Students can also use pre-recorded video tutorials from faculty to supplement their education.

Candidates for this program must have already finished 60 credits of general education.

  1. Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Like many other recognized BSW programs, Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s online BSW program teaches students from generalist guidelines to equip them with the skills necessary to operate in various settings.

Academic courses in social work and a field practicum are required of all social work students.

The last year of the curriculum includes a field placement. Part-time or full-time participation in fieldwork is an option for students who can do so over two semesters.

In addition to the necessary social work curriculum, students must meet the university’s general education requirements.

Second-year students begin studying core social work courses in addition to electives from the liberal arts. The course load is entirely made up of social work courses in the third and fourth years.

  1. Brandman University

As an entry-level social work degree, Brandman University’s BSW curriculum emphasizes both liberal arts & generalist practice.

For example, using this paradigm, kids can learn about drug usage, probation and corrections, and child welfare.

Students are needed to finish 42 academic credits and 48 social work credits. This includes general education requirements, main social work subjects, and elective courses.

Additional requirements include a 1400-hour field deployment and a seminar related to the experience.

  1. University of Massachusetts Global

Courses like Diversity & Justice in a Global Society, Interviewing & Assessment Skills in Social Work, & Social Work Research make up the foundation of UMass Global’s 120-credit online bachelor’s degree program in social work.

Domestic violence, child abuse, alcohol and drug therapy in social work, & victim advocacy are some of the topics covered by electives in this program.

A bachelor’s degree in social work is open to individuals with a 2.0 cumulative GPA and at least 12 transferable college courses.

  1. Brescia University

Brescia University’s online Bachelor of Social Work degree program takes 128 credits. The curriculum prepares graduates for careers in child welfare, anti-poverty initiatives, and criminal justice.

Courses address diversity, ethics, statistics, practice, and fieldwork. Brescia’s program promotes servant leadership and respect for all.

Online courses at BU are delivered in eight-week sessions using Moodle. Full-time students qualify for full financial help.

In addition to the $1.8 million in annual student funding, the institution, and its alumni association endow scholarships. In addition to networking activities, BU’s alumni association has a mentorship program.

  1. The University of Tennessee – Knoxville

The College of Social Work at the University of Tennessee (UT) provides an online Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) degree. Admission is limited to students having a 60-credit associate degree from an accredited community college.

Majors in social work prepare for generalist practice by taking mandatory courses and electives like crisis intervention, human forensic services, and dealing with military personnel.

Students admitted to the BSSW Honors Course must have a grade-point average of 3.5. This allows students to get their master’s degree in social work in one year.

Courses are provided via Blackboard using asynchronous learning & synchronous video conferencing. Online students are permitted for departmental and school-sponsored grants, like the HOPE Scholarship.

As a Yellow Ribbon school, the UT College of Social Work actively recruits & supports veterans.

The deadlines for online applications are February 15 for the fall & September 15 for the spring. Once accepted, students can use services including IT, the resource center, and the library.

  1. Indiana Wesleyan University

Admission to Indiana Wesleyan University’s online Bachelor of Social Work degree is a two-step process.

Before applying to the social work major, students must finish 45 credits of general education & pre-social work courses at a regionally accredited college or an Association for Biblical Higher Education institution.

After acceptance, students must complete 64 credits in the major, comprising practice courses, research work, and fieldwork.

Students learn to promote human rights and social, economic, and environmental equality through practice in the Wesleyan tradition.

IWU online students use D2L Brightspace to access course material, watch videos, submit homework, and examine case studies. Loans, grants, scholarships, & employee tuition reimbursement are all available.

IWU also offers military and veteran discounts on tuition and other services. Interested students can apply online at any time. Each session lasts six weeks.

  1. Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Millersville University’s School of Social Work provides a web-based Bachelor of Arts in Social Work degree completion program. A bachelor’s degree needs 120 credits, and transfer students should have 60 credits or a graduate diploma to participate.

Most students finish in 2 – 3 years. Students must complete 60 service hours and 450 field hours to graduate. Some lecturers may demand students address in real-time through Zoom during the semester.

Online students from out-of-state pay slightly more than in-state students. Difficulty learning may be qualified for federal and private loans, prizes, and scholarships.

Millersville University Alumni Association offers four scholarships.

The social work degree completion program application is online. Once registered, students can access services such as IT support, tutoring, academic guidance, and library resources.

  1. Humboldt State University

To pursue an online Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from Humboldt State University, students must reside in California. The program trains students to work in various contexts, from social services to indigenous community organizations.

The courses are sequential and only offered once a year. Majors in social work explore social policies and human behavior. The degree also entails fieldwork at one of HSU’s northern California partners.

While meeting these criteria, students videoconference with their academic coaches.

HSU online students use Canvas to access course materials and participate in weekly synchronous sessions. They must also attend an initial orientation and a yearly intensive in January.

HSU accepts some college credits and placement examinations.

Online students are permitted external and internal financial help, and HSU provides over $600,000 in annual scholarships from $500 to $4,000 apiece.

A financial aid program for active military veterans and their families is also available.

  1. The University of Nebraska at Kearney

The e-CAMPUS program at UNK provides an online Bachelor of Science in Social Work. The 120-credit degree prepares students to work in environmental health, mental wellbeing, and substance misuse.

Forty-eight credits in social work, including two semesters of practicum and a senior speech, are required. Students can join the Student Social Work Organization and the Phi Alpha honor society to network.

Students are expected to take part in online courses at UNK via email, live chat, and discussion boards. Students must complete an online orientation. Distance learners may be qualified for loans, prizes, and scholarships.

Averaging $9,823 for first-year students, UNK awards over $28 million in grant & scholarship aid each year.UNK supports online applications year-round; students can enroll in the following fall or spring term.

Online students can use the school’s digital library and IT support desk.

  1. University of Cincinnati

The UC’s web-based Bachelor of Social Work degree completion program is intended for people who have taken some social work or related curriculum.

The curriculum combines theory and practice, and a field director helps online students locate a project for their two-term senior fieldwork obligation.

The curriculum prepares students for social work plus optional chemical dependency licensure. Prospective students learn more by completing a free online course that you can convert to credit hours.

The major uses Canvas for its asynchronous courses. Online students, including active military, veterans, and dependents, can apply for financial help.

Out-of-state online students have to pay slightly more than in-state students. Students can use the LinkedIn Career Studio to receive career development lessons and courses.

Apply for UC’s three semesters every year by mid-July, mid-November, or mid-March. As soon as they are admitted, all students have access to the school’s library and writing center.

  1. Thomas University

The 400-hour field practicum with a community partner organization is required as part of Thomas University’s entirely online bachelor’s in a social work program.

Majors in social work take courses such as research and program assessment, social work procedures with families, and social protection policy, among other things.

Because of the low student-to-teacher ratio in the curriculum makes small class sizes and individualized attention possible.

Admission to the fully approved bachelor’s in social training scheme requires a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 to be considered for admission.

For admission, prospective students must provide official transcripts and a completed application.

  1. King University

An online bachelor’s degree in social work is available through King University for working people who wish to complete their bachelor’s degree or those seeking a generalist social work education.

Distance learners study morality, policy, family practice, research, and evaluation.

Writing for social services, integrative practice, social welfare theory, and family and group practice are only a few classes in the curriculum.

Students in the bachelor’s degree in social work program have access to 60 field practicum & employment partners as part of their training.

Each student is required to complete 400 hours of fieldwork.

  1. Spring Arbor University

A bachelor’s degree in social work with a Christian emphasis is available online from Spring Arbor University. Classes on race and ethnicity, social welfare, and working with individuals and families are part of the 120-credit program.

Personal academic achievement coach, academic advisor, and career adviser are just a few of the resources available to students in the social work program at SAU via their online learning environment (LLE).

In as short as 20 months, depending on the amount of transfer credit individuals bring to the bachelor’s degree in social work.

  1. Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University offers a 120-credit online bachelor’s degree in social work, focusing on complex themes such as domestic violence, substance misuse, homelessness, and disability.

In addition to completing 450 hours of fieldwork, students majoring in social work must take courses on social statistics, social welfare policy, and current issues.

You must complete at least 24 credits with a “B” or better grade to apply to Northern Arizona University’s bachelor’s in social work course.

  1. Touro University Worldwide

It takes roughly three and a half years to complete Touro University Worldwide’s 120-credit web-based bachelor’s degree in social work. Transferring credits towards the BSW is allowed for up to 90 credits.

Social justice & diversity, customs, and moral policy, & social welfare are all part of the curriculum.

Small class groups and one-on-one teacher attention are hallmarks of the student-centered BSW program. If you have a high school diploma or GED, you are eligible to apply if you are a student at an authorized college or university.

  1. Simmons University

Simmons University offers a fully online bachelor’s degree in social work for students who prefer to study from home.

A wide range of topics is covered in the course of study, including social equality, social work procedures, the behavior of a person, & sociological research.

Group activities, teacher mentorship, and real-time conversations are part of the experience in live classes.

In addition to accepting up to 96 transfer credits, the 128-credit bachelor’s in social work course grants credit for relevant work experience.

In addition to a completed online application, you’ll need to provide a college essay or personal statement, official transcripts, and a recommendation letter.

  1. Aurora University

Aurora University’s web-based bachelor’s degree in social work faculty members are experienced practitioners.

Some classes include social work research methodologies, working with communities and institutions, and field experience in the curriculum.

Students who finish the child welfare track will receive child and adolescent needs and strengths certification. After graduating, they can also obtain a license from a foster care organization to work as a child welfare employee.

It is possible to apply for advanced standing in the AU Master of Social Work program after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work.

Conclusion On BSW Degree Online Programs

A bachelor’s degree in social work is good if you want to serve people.

This program will prepare graduates for entry-level social service and administrative positions. Public institutions, schools, hospitals, and substance misuse clinics are places where graduates can work.

A bachelor’s degree in social work online often allows for more flexibility.

Another advantage of online education is that you can enroll in top schools regardless of where you live, rather than being limited to local schools.