Best Paying Social Work Jobs

Even if you desire to be a social worker, not for money, it’s still a good idea to know some highly paid social work. Doing so will assist you in making the best choice regarding your occupation in SW.

Social Jobs that Pay Well

The pay of a practitioner in this field relies on a few things. They include your academic level and proficiency, the institution you work with, the area of focus, and the province you find yourself in.

Social workers with advanced certifications like MSW earn higher than those with an undergrad degree.

Similarly, social workers with ten years of practice earn more than those with one year of exprience, and that’s how it is. Interestingly, you can still get high-paying employment in social work, whether young or old.

If you are here to discover the most highly paid social jobs, then you will not regret reading this post. We’ll list some social work jobs that are higher paid than others.

After reading, you should know what domain of social work is good for you.

High Paying Social Work Jobs

Here’re the highest-paid social employments you can venture into and make handsome cash. Practitioners who work in these sectors earn less than $40,000 annually.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

This autonomous institution oversees companies’ establishment, corporate social regulation, and purpose.

They also ensure the organization’s initiatives are aligned and coherently integrated into a business model for success. If you work as a manager in such a work setting, you will receive, on average, $80,200 annually.

  • Policy Analyst

This is also one of the top-paid social work jobs. Their primary role is to investigate and resolve societal problems such as hunger, prejudice, brutality, and other societal crimes.

Other functions include advocating for border policy improvement to pave the route for other workers, gathering data, exposing issues, and revisiting social strategies that aren’t in the public interest.

Policy Analysts do not often work face to face with people and are primarily found in public agencies. However, those who function as policy analysts make, on average, $74,700 annually.

  • Medical Social Workers

This set of workers assists clients with psychiatric and soothing care.

They also liaise with recovery homes and homeless shelters to offer care to their clients. If there is a need to get clients ready for the transformation to diverse workplaces, this will be done by MSW.

However, the issues surrounding MSW could be the factor that raises the remuneration of the discipline.

Some of these issues include client guidance, dismissal arrangement, referral, etc. Those who function as MSW receive an annual salary of $53,400 to $65,300.

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Work

Experts in this field of expertise are to assist clients with substance use disorders control their illnesses.

They also help clients cope with life-threatening events. One of the perks of functioning as a psychiatric health professional is that you can work in diverse public or as a private entity.

Meanwhile, mental health SW is being paid handsomely in terms of earnings. Those working in this sector receive an average of between $62,130 and $79,130 per year.

It all relies on the region you work in.

  • Human Resources Coordinator

Social workers wanting to function in the enterprising sector can think about becoming human resources coordinators. You’ll be responsible for workers’ health and the institution’s pension plans.

Human Resources Coordinators also address workers’ benefits issues within government regulations.

To top it all off, human resources coordinators must assist in sustaining a healthy workplace and ensure that workers feel at home in their workplace.

Working in this sector will likely get between $48,300 and $58,560 a year.

  • Healthcare Social Work

This kind of SW offers society counseling, treatment options, and other health care discussions.

Additional responsibilities include helping clients with emotional and psychological elements, end-of-life illnesses, coping mechanisms, and much more.

Having these tremendous roles made healthcare social work a well-paying job. Social workers in this sector are paid $72,830 to $82,820.

  • Child and Family Social Work

It’s another top-paying social job you can go into.

Their leading role is to meet the needs of children from their very young to the latent period. In addition, they also aimed at addressing crucial issues within the family unit.

These problems include drug abuse, obesity, anorexia, and so on. As an expert in this field, you can be paid between $59,500 and $67,780.

  • School Social Work

We have social workers who work directly with children in all learning environments. One of their obligations is to support scholars, tutors, and homes in managing psychiatric and attitudinal complications.

They can also provide positive school and attitudinal control to all academic levels. This allows them to change the academic proficiency of researchers in difficulty.

Such struggling scholars could be kids burdened with social delays or children from abusive households.

Still, school social work aims to ensure that scholars’ health is enhanced and maintained. Workers in this sector receive roughly $57,000 a year.

  • Community Program Administration

We cannot list the most highly paid jobs and exclude this social work job. The domain involves developing and controlling strategic plans, fundraising, budget control, and direct staffing.

Other responsibilities include setting up social service programs and partnering with nonprofit organizations to serve the public.

The average income of social workers working as community administrators is $57,950 a year.

Top Paid Social Work Settings

All social work settings are remunerative.

However, some workplaces often pay more than others. This includes hospitals, clinics, schools, and social service organizations. You will get paid handsomely if you work in any of these areas.

Social work is one of the most exciting careers, not only in the US but throughout the world. Based on statistics, social work will increase by 20 percent in a decade.

It is also alleged that these jobs will pay more than other fields of expertise. If money is everything you are after, you can see a few high-paying social work jobs.