Houston Social Work Masters (MSW) Programs

Before you take a step further, we’ll like you to know a little about MSW programs in Houston.

Some of the stuff we’ll discuss include the kind of MSW studies, subjects, study calendar, criteria for admission, earnings of social work masters, and lots more.

MSW Programs Houston

Houston is another wondrous place you can obtain an MSW certificate. Students who attend one of the state’s universities are provided with advanced knowledge and social work skills.

This allows them to offer a long-term solution to individuals, families, and societies in their time of need.

Furthermore, as a student in Houston, you can enjoy their educational flexibility, particularly online studies. This will allow you to study with every comfort.

You can combine school with other activities off-campus.

Categories of MSW Programs in Houston

Universities in Houston offer students two types of MSW programs.

These are traditional and advanced standing studies. Formal standing education mainly targets students with no training in social work. Its curriculum includes both core and specialty courses.

These introductory courses aim to introduce students to the fundamentals of social work.

For those with an advanced social work history or experience, advanced standing studies will be the right study path. The curriculum consists solely of specialized courses.

Most of Houston’s academic institutions design such programs to speed up scholars’ master’s studies.

Period of training

As for the time you spend becoming a social worker master, it depends on certain elements. That is the kind of university and field of study you choose.

Full-time scholars who enroll in continuing formal studies can complete their programs in two years. But it will take part-time students on the same track for 3-4 years to graduate.

In the interim, full-time scholars who enroll in advanced standing studies may graduate within 12 months. While those in part-time studies can spend up to 2 years.

If you eventually fail some courses in your final year, you’ll graduate longer than expected.

Study areas for MSW Houston

Numerous courses await MSW scholars in Houston. These courses will provide you with an in-depth understanding of social work.

Depending on your career goals, you’re likely to come across a few of these courses: introduction to social work, community program development, clinical social work, mental health, organizational management, community practice and advocacy, social welfare policy, social work in the border region, trauma and crisis intervention, etc.

Entrance Essentials For Houston MSW Programs

Due to the competitiveness of MSW, all Houston universities establish standards for their MSW studies.

Through these standards, they may choose the most qualified candidates. So before you can be admitted to the state, you must meet these conditions.

  • Fellows must have a BSW or level of experience to qualify for advanced standing studies. However, any undergrad certificate will be accepted if you are interested in regular-standing studies. But make sure it is obtained from an accredited institution.
  • To be eligible, you must have a cumulative grade point average between 2.7 and 3.0.
  • Students should submit at least three letters of reference from their previous school or workplace.
  • Some institutions may request that you submit your undergrad transcripts.
  • Applications must be completed via the internet.

For more information, please consult the official website of your desired institution in Houston.

Can I Get a Double Degree in Houston?

Houston universities offer master’s students in social work several collaborative degree programs.

It is a matter of enriching the options and possibilities available to scholars. Moreover, it will allow you to earn two-degree certificates in a short time.

However, those who wish to obtain a dual degree in social work must satisfy specific essential criteria. To begin with, you must be admitted to each program separately.

Second, you have to take both studies full-time. Thirdly, the second degree has to be linked to social work.

Some of the double MSW degrees you can get in Houston are MSW/MPP, MSW/Ph.D., MSW/MBA, MSW/JD, and MSW/MPH. Let us look at some of them.

MSW/MPP is a double degree that prepares students for professional practice in social welfare policy fields. Additionally, the pair will equip you with a quantitative and ethical approach to policy analysis.

MSW/Ph.D. train researchers to become excellent professors, students, and high-level administrators. Then, MSW/MBA equips fellows with social work and business administration skills.

All these dual degrees will help you choose careers in organizational development, non-profit management, employee assistance programs, and many more.

Housing Alternatives for Social Work Master in Houston

Securing housing on campus will be helpful for scholars who choose to study face-to-face.

The state universities offer beautiful accommodations for master’s students. Their apartments are in stock with Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, computers, quality mattresses, and many more.

These facilities are provided to enhance students’ stay on campus and their success. Plus, you’ll get to live and interact with other scholars.

If you are a sports fan, there are many extra-mural games you can get involved in.

School Fees for MSW Scholars in Houston

The amount you spend on your master’s studies depends on a few things. This includes the type of university, course of study, and area of focus you choose.

Other reasons include your residence status. Learners who are residents of the state pay around $448.85 per credit course. But non-residents pay around $970.85.

If you opt for residential MSW, you will be billed approximately $1,785 per credit course. After that, the fee for a double degree is about $5,880 for residents.

Non-residents who want a dual degree will be charged $25,532 for a 24-hour semester credit.

Are Houston Social Workers with MSc Paid Handsomely?

Just as their tuition varies depending on certain key elements, so does the pay of MSW graduates in Houston.

Those with higher qualifications and experience earn more than workers with lower qualifications. At the same time, social workers in urban areas earn more than those in rural areas.

Either way, social workers with a master’s degree in the state win handsomely. Their average monthly allowance is between $44,160 and $54,150.

Now that you have gone through this writing until the end, you should have no problem getting ready for MSW studies in Houston. You simply have to meet the requirements.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits once you graduate.