Missouri Social Work Masters (MSW) Programs

Here, we discuss MSW programs in Missouri.

It’s not a bad idea to complete an MSW study in Missouri. The state is known for its excellent universities that offer quality education, experience, skills, and value to MSW scholars.

Upon completing your studies at one of their approved institutions, you can operate effectively as a professional and certified social worker.

MSW Programs Missouri

Sounds interesting. So please continue reading this text. We’re about to discuss MSW studies in Missouri.

Some topics to be addressed include MSW-type entry itinerary, available fields of study, field education, tuition fees, essential candidate entry, and much more.

Institutions Authenticity

The Higher Learning Commission fully authenticates most universities in Missouri. It’s one of the regional accreditation bodies in the US.

Secondly, universities that offer social work have all their MSW studies certified by CSWE. It is another regulatory body charged with measuring the standards of social work education in the US.

Colleges Offering MSW in Missouri

Do you want to earn your MSW certificate in Missouri?

There’re a few schools that can make your dream comes true. These institutions are fully certified by relevant authorities, including CSWE.

This entails that, after school, you can pursue a state permit to work unrestricted. As you read, you’ll come across an academic establishment where you can acquire such credentials.

  • Missouri Baptist University

You can enroll for your social work masters in this school with or without a BA in social work. They have accelerated classes for scholars with social work backgrounds.

The study curriculum is structured with only specialization courses. As such, you have only 30 credits and 500 hours of fieldwork.

However, candidates with no social work backgrounds can opt for extended classes. The course content for such programs entails both foundational and specialization subjects.

In addition to schoolwork, you’ll be required to complete some hours of supervised field research. Within two or three years, you can be done with school.

  • University of Missouri

MSW studies in this institution aim at training scholars in practical and ethical social work. At the end of your program, you’ll become competent leaders who can change society.

Meanwhile, there’re two study options for prospective MSW candidates. You can opt for extended classes if you still need a bachelor’s degree in social work.

The study syllabus for such classes entails both foundational and specialization areas. Within two or three years of study, you’ll cover 60 credits and 900 hours of field research.

However, the workload is less for scholars with social work backgrounds. Such a class of applicants is to opt for accelerated studies.

The curriculum only features 39 credits with an average of 500 hours of supervised practicum.

  • Missouri State University

Rest assured, you’ll get a quality Master of Social Work education in this academic establishment. They accommodate both social workers and non-social social workers in their programs.

For those with a BSW, you’re to opt for accelerated classes. Such programs are designed to hasten your studies. Therefore, you’ll only cover an average of 30 credits and 500 hours of field research.

But for students with undergrad certificates from other fields, conventional studies will best suit you. The study curriculum for such programs entails both foundational and specialization courses.

Before graduating, you’ll cover at least 60 credits with 900 hours of supervised practicum. Meanwhile, within two or three years, you can finish school.

  • Park University

This school also delivers outstanding teaching to social and non-social workers seeking advanced education. If you have a BSW, their expedited courses will suit you.

The study guide only contains specialization fields. Therefore, you’ll only cover 33 credits and 720 hours of field research over 12 months or two years.

However, for students with competence in other fields besides social work, their regular studies will fit you. The curriculum features both foundational and specialization courses, which amounts to 60.

Additionally, you’ll need to complete some hours of field research before graduating. Within two or three years, you can be done with school.

  • Saint Louis University

No matter what MSW studies you want, you’ll get it here. The school has outstanding social work master’s classes that will equip you for progressive practice.

You can signup for their accelerated courses with previous social work knowledge. The syllabus for such studies features only specialization areas. Within a year or two, you can wrap up your education.

However, their extended programs will fit you if you don’t have a social work background. The study curriculum will teach you both foundational and focused fields.

In a matter of two or three years, you can finish your studies. Until then, you’ll need to complete some hours of supervised field research.

More schools offer Master of Social Work studies in Missouri besides those listed above.

They include the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the University of Missouri-St: Louis, Washington University in St. Louis, and more. You can pick any of these institutions with your specs and sign up.

However, first, get enough details about their programs.

MSW Entry Route

In Missouri, MSW scholars are provided with two pathways to study. These are advanced and regular-standing studies. These two study paths have their differences.

Advanced standing studies are suitable for academics with a background in social work experience. As a result, the syllabus consists solely of specialized courses.

The regular standing study is intended for researchers without the knowledge or experience of social work. Consequently, its study syllabus includes introductory and specialized couWithHaving this on the ground, scholars with an undergrad certificate in other areas outside of social work are eligible candidates for this study path.

However, you must obtain such certification from an approved university.

MSW Fields of Study in Missouri

There’re plenty of courses for scholars who want to get an MSW in Missouri. Although some of them are introductory courses, others are specialized fields.

However, those who choose traditional standing studies will offer more courses than researchers in Advanced standing studies.

Listed below are courses available for MSW scholars in Missouri.

  • Policy making and advocacy practice
  • Clinical social work
  • Research in social work
  • Social welfare
  • Management of social work agencies
  • Human psychology and behavior
  • Social work with children and families
  • Social welfare practice practice
  • Gerontological social The foundationalism of social work practice
  • Integrative learning seminaResearch research and statistical principles
  • Cultural competence and social work principles, etc.

Missouri MSW Learning Style

Most university facilities in Missouri provide MSW researchers with three study formats. They’re online, on-campus, and hybrid studies.

Online learning is more beneficial than other learning formats. This is because all courses are offered on the Internet. You won’t need to spend money on transportation, housing, and other academic expenses.

The only drawback is that there are limited areas of interest, network problems, and variations in time zones.

For researchers looking to interact with professors and classmates, on-campus and hybrid studies state for you.

Social work schools in Missouri require scholars who select studies on campus to complete their courses on the school premises. While researchers on hybrid studies should attend some classes on campus, then round out the rest online.

What’s Required of MSW Candidates in Missouri?

Before being considered for admission in Missouri, there’re some entry standards that you must meet. Some of these critical standards include:

  • Having a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 would be best to qualify for any MSW study.
  • Applicants for advanced standing studies must have a BSW obtained at a CSWE-certified institution. Similarly, scholars seeking regular-standing studies must have an undergraduate degree in another study than social work.
  • Researchers may be asked to submit at least three letters of reference from a previous school or workplace.

For more details on MSW admission standards, visit the official website of the institution you want in Missouri. All the details you require are there.

Read carefully and understand what candidates are required to do.

How Much Will It Cost To Obtain An MSW In Missouri?

Most universities in Missouri charge fees per course credit. The amount of credit courses also depends on your preferred study path.

Course credits for regular-standing studies are charged at about $531.50. So if you have about 60 credited courses, your tuition will be around $31,890.

Similarly, scholars who choose continuing graduate studies will also pay the same amount for each credited course. But their tuition is slightly lower than regular studies.

That’s because there’re fewer credit courses in its syllabus. Therefore, if you take about 39 classes with credits, your tuition will be about $20,728.

It is important to note that some state universities charge out-of-state MSW scholars higher than residential researchers. This means that you may pay more than the estimated amount above.

MSW Field Education in Missouri

Field placement is one of the most important and memorable aspects of MSW studies in Missouri. Most universities require their MSW scholars to finish their field studies before graduating.

The objective is to provide them with concrete problem-solving experience in a real-world environment.

Some of the experiences scholars may gain from their field studies include:

  • Educate families on how to assist their elderly members.
  • Promotion of issues related to health care transformation.
  • Work with incarcerated fathers and children to promote family contact and enjoyment.
  • Conduct therapeutic groups for women and. children
  • Management of social work processes such as evaluating problems, collecting data, maintaining working relationships, etc.

About MSW Advisement in Missouri

Many universities in Missouri have assigned their MSW fellows to the faculty advisor at the outset of their studies.

The advisor is expected to be a consultant for course planning, on-campus student issues, and a professional mentor. Another target of the advisements includes the following:

  • Discuss studies on MSW, such as candidate essentials, programs, connections, etc.
  • Help researchers assess their aptitude and motivation for a career in social work.
  • Provide role models to scholars in social work values and professionalism.
  • Provide advice to a scholar about certain extracurricular activities and other support services offered on campus.

Graduate Scholarship

One of the advantages of finishing an MSW in Missouri is that many grants are awarded to researchers to help them with their university expenses.

These scholarships include the Bettyann Dubansky Fellowship, the Colleen Galambos Fellowship, the Charles and Wilba Cowger Peace Fellowship, the United Veterans Fellowship, and many more.


If quality studies and experience are all you’re looking for, Missouri will be the right place to earn your MSW studies.

As you can see above, state schools provide researchers with one of the best-advanced studies in social work. Pick one of the institutions in the state and pursue your career.

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