New York Social Work Masters (MSW) Programs

This article is here to throw more light on the MSW programs in New York.

Read on. You will learn more about the academic paths of the MSW, the courses offered, and the candidate’s entry essentials.

We’ll also talk about the number of credit courses and semesters, the salary of NYC MSW graduates, and much more.

Let’s not waste time getting down to the nitty-gritty.

MSW Programs New York City

Whether you’re a domestic or foreign scholar, you can get an MSW certificate in New York. The province has a few universities that offer some of the best-advanced studies in social work.

Following your graduation, you can obtain NY state social work licensure.

This will enable you to practice in different work contexts. These include hospitals, schools, halfway houses, correctional institutions, etc.

Best MSW Schools in New York

Do you want to complete your social work master’s program in New York?

If yes, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll list some schools you can earn such credentials from. In addition, we’ll highlight some institutions that offer online MSW programs in this great city.

Below are some institutions that offer the best social work master’s studies in New York. All these listed schools are fully accredited by CSWE, among other authorized agencies.

Moreover, they currently offer classes that are fully or partially campus-based. Lastly, several of these institutions offer online programs for those looking for flexible studies.

Let’s take a look at them.

Fordham University

You can get the best social work master’s degree at Fordham University in New York and nationwide. Their programs take a multidisciplinary approach to teaching and emphasize experimental learning.

Moreover, they have on-campus, online, or hybrid learning options. Depending on your schedule, you can choose either of these learning options.

Fordham University offers expedited and regular classes. Coursework typically includes individuals and families, policy practice and advocacy, organizations, the community, etc.

Depending on your choice of learning option and program type, you can graduate within 12 months. Part-time studies may take a year and a half.

Syracuse University

Master of Social Work studies in this school are among the oldest in New York City. They have options for internet-based and one-on-one studies to meet the needs of their prospective applicants.

Coursework includes the fundamentals of social work, human diversity in social contexts, advanced clinical practice, and more. Besides coursework, students must go for fieldwork and participate in internships.

Depending on your specialty area, you’ll also work for at least 1000 hours.

Hunter College

It won’t cost you much to earn a social work master’s at Hunter College in New York. The school’s tuition is low compared to other private universities and colleges.

For this reason, the acceptance rate for MSW programs in this college is meager. Many applicants seek this education every academic year, and only a few are selected.

The Master of Social Work program at Hunter College is divided into five tracks. A few include a regular 60-credit study that lasts two years, 18 months of accelerated studies and a three-semester residency.

Concentration areas include clinical practice with individuals, families, and groups, therapeutic interventions, and more.

Binghamton University

You can count on this university for your Master of Social Work degree. Their program uses a generalist approach to social work education.

Moreover, their study curriculum is designed with no concentration area. This prepares students for advanced generalist practice with a broad knowledge and skills base.

At Binghamton University, you can finish your studies either full-time or part-time.

However, their studies are primarily delivered one-on-one. So for those looking for distant and flexible learning options, there are better-fit options than this school.

Stony Brook University

This is another outstanding institution that offers the best MSW programs nationwide.

They have three MSW tracks, which are primarily pursued one-on-one. Additionally, their study syllabus consists of 70–72 credits for regular studies. Then expedited classes are structured for 32-credit.

Specialization areas at Stony Brook University include community, policy, and political and social action. Others are families, youth and translation to adulthood, integrated health, and more.

University at Buffalo

It’s also cost-effective to earn a master’s degree in social work at this prestigious institution.

The tuition will be roughly one-quarter to one-third of what you pay at a private school. In addition to that, their MSW programs focus on trauma-informed and human rights perspectives.

Students have the option to study one-on-one or internet-based. Additionally, you can enroll for your desired studies full-time or part-time. For those with BSW, advanced standing tracks will fit you.

Yeshiva University

Students from all over the world come to Yeshiva University for their MSW programs.

The school offers one of the more flexible social work master’s programs in New York. You can start your studies in the fall, spring, or summer semesters.

For those with BSW, advanced standing programs are specially designed for you. The programs are structured with fewer courses to speed up your studies.

At least within 12 months of full-time study, you can be done. However, candidates with BSW can opt for regular traditional programs. But that will take you around three years to finish full-time.

Areas of concentration you can choose from include child welfare, trauma-informed practice, and more.

New York University

For those interested in advancing their career in clinical social work, consider going to New York University. Their MSW stands out among other accredited programs.

Students also have the option to study on campus and online. The school offers a traditional 65-credit two-year track and a 32-credit advanced standing track.

What’s more? The school offers an individualized, extended study plan and one-year residency for employed students. Course concentration includes clinical social work practice, behavioral assessments, interventions, etc.

Colombia University

Earning an MSW in Colombia will significantly impress any prospective employer around the globe.

The institution’s social work master’s studies are among the oldest in the US Students can complete their studies on campus or online.

Moreover, the school has advanced standing programs for those with BSWs from CSWE-approved institutions.

In addition to that, they also have a traditional two-year, 60-credit program. If you don’t have a background in social work, you can go for such programs.

Meanwhile, some core courses you’ll offer during your studies include human behavior, social environment, research, and more. MSW programs in Columbia typically last a year full-time.

But part-time studies may take 16 months or two years.

Many more institutions offer MSW programs in New York beyond the ones above. They include Adelphi University, Touro College, Nyak College, Lehman College, Nazareth College of Rochester, and more.

Incredibly, you want to advance your career in social work—many institutions in New York offer such programs. As you can see, we’ve highlighted a few of them. You can choose any that matches your career goals.

But before you do that, ensure you find more details about their programs.

Why are NYC MSW Programs Special?

MSW Studies in New York comprise courses with the concept and ideas of general social work. In addition, their syllabus includes special classes which allow researchers to focus on a specific field.

To ensure that researchers gain experience, New York universities include field placements in their syllabi. You may complete your field education at any organization related to your interest.

It could be a hospital, a court, a correctional facility, a school, a rehab center, and many others. However, you’ll be strictly supervised by a registered social worker.

Study Delivery for Social Works Masters in New York

There are two MSW study routes in New York, advanced and regular standing studies. Researchers can choose each of these pathways on a part-time or full-time basis.

Let’s briefly review these education pathways.

The advanced standing study accommodates scholars with a BSW or social work experience.

Therefore, their syllabus doesn’t include core courses. Scholars only need to offer specialized classes throughout their study period.

Regular standing studies are appropriate for applicants who do not have any knowledge or level of experience in social work. Its syllabus includes core courses delivered in the first year(s) of study.

The objective is to give these workers a basic understanding of social work. Later in their studies, the program will introduce them to specialist areas where they will acquire advanced knowledge.

Online MSW Programs NY

It’s good if you don’t want to quit your work or your commitments for the good of the school.

Web-based MSW studies in New York will provide a flexible and convenient learning experience. It will allow you to take on other responsibilities during your schooling.

Want to learn more about their online MSW studies? Read on.

Major Disciplines

To obtain a master’s certificate in social work in New York online, you must specialize in a field of interest. There are many of these.

Depending on your professional goals, you can choose a school and forensic social work,

Other areas to expand your choice are substance abuse and addictions, aging, criminal justice, psychiatry, and more.

As you progress through your career in social work, you will need to complete at least 1200 hours of practicum. You will also take up residence for one year.

All these on-the-job placements will provide you with advanced knowledge and experience in your field.

Schools in New York with Online MSW

There are several universities in NYC where you can earn your MSW degree online.

They include Fordham University, Adelphi University, University of Buffalo (SUNY), Yeshiva University, and Syracuse University. All these institutions are fully accredited by the bodies concerned.

New York MSW Study Fields

Academics who wish to further their careers in social work should be prepared to take many courses. Some are introductory courses, while others are electives and fields of specialization.

  • Social welfare
  • Health and mental health
  • Clinical social work
  • Policy practice
  • Social enterprise administration
  • Administration and community practice
  • Non-profit management
  • Substance use and addictive behaviors
  • Management of community service
  • Leadership in organizations and communities
  • Community, policy, and political social

Number of Course Credits and Semesters

the exact number of MSW courses and semesters varies according to your chosen study path. Advanced standing studies consist of 30-38 credit courses, whereas regular continuing studies consist of 59-70 credit courses.

As for the number of semesters, advanced standing studies include two semesters of full-time and four semesters of part-time studies.

Meanwhile, regular standing studies comprise four semesters of full-time and eight semesters of part-time studies.

MSW New York Admission Standard

Every NYU has its unique entry standards for MSW scholars.

But they do have some standards that are common to them. Each candidate must meet those criteria before being considered an admission.

Below you will find a few of those standards.

  • Candidates must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 to qualify for MSW education.
  • Fellows wishing to enroll in advanced standing studies must submit a BSW from an institution approved by the CSWE. However, such a credential shouldn’t exceed five years before enrollment.
  • Similarly, candidates wanting to enroll in continuing studies must present an undergrad certificate. This credential may come from other areas of expertise besides social work. However, you must obtain it from a licensed university.
  • Researchers must submit at least three letters of reference from a previous institution or workplace.

For more details, visit the official site of the institution you would like to obtain your MSW certificate. You may also find other information that will be relevant to your social work education.

What about No-GRE Result?

Most New York schools don’t require GRE scores for their MSW studies.

The same applies to their licensure and graduation. This is to make entry standards more flexible and accessible for MSW candidates.

Academic Resources

New York universities have provided DSM researchers with resources to make their studies convenient and exciting.

These include campus maps, academic calendars, campus news, employment opportunities, emergency management, IT, institutional review board, and more.

School Program

You can participate in many curricula as an MSW scholar in New York.

This includes business partnerships, community programs, conference and event services, the Canada Council, a pantry, a summer camp, an outdoor complex, and more.

How Much Does It Cost To Get An MSW In NYC?

The actual tuition costs of MSW education in New York depend on a few factors.

This includes enrollment type, educational institution, and residential status. Private universities are more expensive than publicly funded schools.

Then those who are residents of the state pay less than non-residents. Lastly, fellows who enroll in permanent graduate studies pay less than those in continuing studies.

On average, residential MSW scholars in public universities pay $620 per course credit. In comparison, those in private universities pay around $1,112. Non-residents of the state pay about $1,256 per course credit.

However, to determine the exact amount of tuition fees, calculate that amount with the number of credits you offer.

Just below is the abstract of tuition fees for MSW studies in New York. It covers tuition and other living costs.

  • Researchers in residence on traditional education will pay approximately $88,704.
  • Residency researchers pursuing advanced standing studies will pay approximately $46,028.

Cost for Online MSW Studies in New York

How much you will spend to get an online MSW in New York lies on a few factors.

Your college choice, the field of interest, and where you’re from. While these factors significantly impact your tuition fees, you will likely spend about $1,180 per credit course.

We got more on our table to hash out on this topic, but our time has run out. Even so, you’re better informed about online MSW studies in New York.

Studying in New York is expensive, but your education is worth the price. Once you finish school, there’re many job opportunities that you can explore.

In addition, the salary of MSW graduates in the province is attractive.

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