Social Work Specialties | Career Paths for MSW Grads

MSW Career Paths

Social work is an ideal occupation pathway for people who want to connect meaningfully with residents in the neighborhood. To make this dream a reality, you must obtain a master’s degree in social work.

This will be your ticket to work in different parts of society. You can give them clinical support and advocacy aids and help eradicate the social ills that emerge in the neighborhood.

This section will concern people who have a great attraction to social work. We will detail an array of MSW professions to help you make the best choice when pursuing your MSW.

Doesn’t that seem attractive?

Buckle up while we quickly as we drive into our discussion.

MSW Specializations

What’s the Role of an MSW?

A social worker is trained to aid people, homes, and institutions cope with the challenging circumstances surrounding them. They also serve as caregivers and advocates for kids with attitudinal troubles, families to be displaced, addicts, etc.

MSW’s areas include schools, the military, hospitals, public offices, etc.

Guidance for Becoming an Authorized MSW

You are expected to satisfy specific criteria if you want to get a permit to work as a social work expert. The steps we are preparing to describe below will assist you in the process.

  • You must have at least three years of supervised and non-clinical experience after your MSW studies.
  • Get the CMSW authentication form and complete it. You submit the form to the licensing authority and pay a $200 fee when you are finished. That’s the charge for your work permit enrollment form.
  • You will be asked to take the ASWB Advanced General Practitioner test, carrying 170 questions from different study courses. It will cost you around $260 to take the exam.
  • After passing the exams, your work permit will be issued by the CMSW.

Careers In MSW

There are many fields in which an MSW graduate can integrate.

They include schools, hospitals, the military, child welfare organizations, outpatient facilities, etc. However, to work in any of these institutions, you must venture into the following types of social work.

MSW Career Options

  • Case management
  • Corrections social work
  • Disability social work
  • Forensic social work
  • Medical social work
  • International social work
  • Community social work
  • Child welfare, social work
  • Psychiatric social work
  • School social work
  • Trauma social work
  • Military social work
  • Public health social work
  • Geriatric social work
  • Clinical social work
  • Hospice and palliative social work
  • Macro social work
  • Private proactive social work

You should be aware that the work environments for social workers can change anytime, especially if your role requires travel.

What’s the Pay for MSW Graduates?

The salary of MSW graduates depends on the place and type of social work.

For example, social workers in the health care sector earn approximately $57,000, while those operating with the state government earn roughly $49,860 annually.

In addition, child, family, and school social workers in places like New Jersey and Pittsburgh earn between $45,820 and $47,813 per year.

Notwithstanding, MSW is a valuable American career. Reports show that more work prospects will be open to social workers over the next five years.

If you are wondering where you can fit in as an experienced social worker, you can see that there are numerous sectors to exploit.