Utah Social Work Masters (MSW) Programs

Here are the most recommended MSW programs in Utah.

Are you seeking the right school to get an MSW? Utah is an option worth exploring. The province is known for having a few universities that produce well-educated MSW fellows.

If you attend one of their academic institutions, you will learn from the grassroots to the advanced level of social work. After graduation, you can work in a range of settings.

Masters of Social Work Programs Utah

Is that what you came for? By reading this article, you are guaranteed to learn a lot.

We will discuss the types of MSW entries, the courses available, the duration of studies, admission standards, and many more.

  • Form of Entry

There’re two types of entrance for MSW scholars in Utah. They’re traditional and advanced standing entry. Each of these entry modes has its distinct objective.

The traditional standing pathway is designed for academics with no training or expertise in social work. Therefore, the syllabus contains core courses.

They are designed to teach scholars the basics of social work.

The advanced standing study is for scholars with education and experience in social work. Consequently, its syllabus doesn’t include introductory courses. Only domains of interest are available for researchers.

You are to choose one of interest toward the end of your studies and build your career.

  • MSW Study Term

How long you stay in school depends on the type of entry method you select and whether you are a part-time or full-time student.

Nevertheless, the traditional standing study takes longer than advanced standing studies. That’s because it features numerous courses.

Scholars who enroll in traditional studies full-time can graduate within two years. But part-time students should be prepared to spend about 3 or 4 years.

The advanced standing study is the quickest way to get an MSW certificate. Those who enroll in this type of education can obtain their MSW within the year.

Whereas part-time researchers will need two years to complete.

  • Basic MSW Courses In Utah

The MSW syllabus in Utah includes many magnificent courses.

Some of them are introductory courses, while others domains are for specialization. As you intend to study at one of the universities in Utah, you may encounter some of the methods listed below.

  • Child, family, school social work
  • Introduction to social work
  • Aging
  • Health and mental health
  • Social Welfare and Policy
  • Clinical social work

Candidates Entry Demands

Before you are offered admission to study MSW in Utah, there are specific requirements that you have to meet. Just below, we listed a few of these essential elements.

  • Scholars who want to register for advanced standing studies must submit a BSW. This credential must be obtained from a CSWE-approved institution for no more than five years. Meanwhile, those interested in the traditional standing study may present any undergrad certificate. But it must also come from a recognized institution.
  • It would help if you held an overall average of 3.0 to qualify for both entry modes.
  • Scholars must submit a minimum of three letters of reference. These letters must be obtained from a pre-existing school or employer.
  • In some universities in Utah, applicants will be required to provide their transcripts.
  • If you want more details on the basics of entry for scholars, please visit the official website of your desired institution.

Top-Rated Utah MSW Programs

Utah has a few dependable institutions that offer magnificent MSW studies. You can count on them for quality education and skills in advanced social work practice.

All their programs are fully certified by appropriate agencies.

This means you’ll have no problem securing a state license. To learn about these schools that offer outstanding social work masters, keep reading this article.

  • University of Utah

You can get the best Master of Social Work education at this institution. Their MSW programs are structured to support collaborative work in social work education, research, and public service.

Moreover, the school contributes to shaping policies, services, and interventions. They aim to prevent and alleviate human suffering. That way, they can enhance the well-being of diverse populations.

We refer to individuals, families, communities, and organizations.

Students have the option to choose between their regular and advanced standing studies. The traditional programs are designed for scholars needing more fundamental social work knowledge.

As such, the study curriculum entails 60 credits and 900 hours of fieldwork. You can finish your studies within two years. However, those on part-time studies may spend up to three years.

For those with social work background, the advanced standing studies will best fit you. The study syllabus entails a few courses and 600 hours of field education.

Candidates qualified for this study track have a BSW obtained from a certified institution within the past seven years. You can finish such studies within a year or two.

It all depends on which study option you choose.

Some courses you may offer during your schooling include human behavior and the social environment, social work policy and Programs, and DSM & psychopathology.

Others are assessment, engagement, intervention, & evaluation, community-based strategies for social change, research for social work practice, and more.

You may focus on substance use in social work, forensics, mental health, global, child welfare, health, and aging in social work.

  • Brigham Yong University-Provo

This institution will appreciate your interest in their MSW programs.

They’ll educate and train you to use the social work profession’s appropriate knowledge, values, and skills. That way, you can serve children and families within the context of their specific cultures.

Furthermore, their social work master’s studies emphasize clinical and research aspects. Students on the traditional track will be required to cover 62 credit courses and 1050 hours of fieldwork.

You must cover up your coursework, practicum, and project within a year or two.

Meanwhile, there are advanced standing studies for candidates with a BSW from a certified institution. Such programs are designed to speed up the learning process of such candidates.

Therefore, the study syllabus entails a few credit courses and little amount of fieldwork hours. Students must also complete their practicum in agencies related to their area of specialization within the state.

Some courses you’ll offer include abnormal behavior, introduction to social work practice, human development, and more.

Faculty research focuses on adoptions, poverty, research, child welfare, mental health, mood disorders, marriage and family, substance abuse, etc.

  • Utah State University

You can get the best advanced social work master’s education in this institution.

Their MSW programs are built on the advanced generalist philosophy framework. This is to allow graduates to practice social work in various environments.

Furthermore, their programs focus on the importance of human relationships and honoring the dignity and worth of people—they also emphasize advocation for social justice and practicing with competence.

You’ll have various programs available o accommodate your schedules and needs. The school delivers its classes either face-to-face or via the Internet.

Students also have the option to study schedule full-time or part-time. But how long you’ll learn depends on your chosen entry route.

Those with a BSW from a certified institution can opt for accelerated MSW studies. Such programs entail only specialized classes. In addition to that, you’ll also be required to finish 524 hours of fieldwork.

You can graduate from this track within a year or two. Meanwhile, If you need to gain basic knowledge, you should choose the regular MSW programs.

Such studies contain a few introductory and specialized classes. Before you finish your studies, you must cover 974 hours of fieldwork. Moreover, you’ll receive clinical and macro practice social work training.

  • Utah Valley University

This institution is included among schools with top-notch MSW programs in Utah.

One of the institution’s mission statements is to prepare scholars for success in work and life through excellent & engaged teaching and scholarship.

For that, their social work master’s studies focus on clinical competence and ethical practice. After leaving school, you can gain employment as a community service social worker.

Meanwhile, prospective MSW candidates can choose between advanced standing and regular students to earn their master’s degree. The advanced standing studies are intended for scholars with basic knowledge in social work.

As such, the study syllabus entails a few courses and 450 hours of fieldwork. You can finish your program within a year or two, depending on your study format.

For those lacking social work knowledge, you can opt for regular studies. Such programs entail a minimum of 60 credits and 900 hours of fieldwork.

You can cover coursework and field experience within 12 months or two years. Some courses you may offer include addiction, engaging with diverse populations, mental health, and more.

  • Weber State University

If you want a fulfilling career as a social worker, consider earning your MSW degree at this school. Depending on your social skills and experience, you can choose between expedited and traditional classes.

The expedited studies are for candidates with a BSW from a certified institution. Depending on your preferred study format, such programs are typically completed in one or two years.

Until then, you’ll be required to finish at least 30 credits of courses and 500 hours of practicum.

However, for those with zero knowledge of social work, formal studies will suit you. The curriculum is structured with at least 60 credits and 900 to 1000 hours of fieldwork.

Some schoolwork is covered within two or three years. Some courses you may offer include social environments, child and family welfare, human behavior, ethics in social work, and more.

These are the institutions that offer Masters of Social Work studies in Utah.

You can pick one of them that matches your career and professional goals. But before then, you’re to research more about their MSW programs.

This will help you know the proper steps to take.

Is There An Option For Joint Degrees?

Some universities in Utah offer MSW scholars the possibility of a double degree.

However, the second level should be linked to an MSW. Take, for instance, MSW/MPA, MSW/JD, MSWW /MPH, and lots more. Let’s talk briefly about some of these joint degrees to understand better.


This double degree allows scholars to develop social work and public administration skills. Those who opt for this study will have a clinical background and administration.

However, before you get the two certifications, you must satisfy some essential course elements. First of all, you have to complete about 51 credit hours for MSW and 30 hours of credit for MPA.

Secondly, you should complete both degrees at once. Conferences for MSW studies are held in the afternoon, while MPAs are stored in the evening.

  • MSW/JD

For those interested in social work and law, MSW/JD is okay with you. The education endows scholars with competence in social work and law.

Obtaining this double degree in Utah will take approximately four to five years. But before that, you need to satisfy specific course essentials.

Scholars are required to complete 60 credit hours for MSW and 88 credit hours of credit for law. That gives us 124 hours of credit. Before you graduate, you must also participate in field placements for both MSW and law.

Stages To Be A Social Worker In Utah

Although most employers accept social workers with an undergrad certificate, it is best if you hold an MSW. You’re more likely to get a job if you have advanced training in social work.

You can even work in a clinical setting with a government permit. Follow these steps to help you become a social worker in Utah.

  • Obtain an MSW from an accredited establishment. We refer to schools with MSW studies approved by CSWE.
  • Write the ASWB Master’s Examination, which consists of 170 questions. Please note that you will also have to pay $230.
  • Once the test is passed, you must apply for a CSW permit from the State. The permit is issued by the “Board of Social Work Examiner’s Website.” You may submit your request online or by email.
  • A criminal review will determine if you have a previous conviction. If you are found clean, you will be provided with a license. With this title, you can practice your social work in Utah freely.

Meanwhile, if you want to practice unsupervised, you must obtain an LCSW. Before acquiring this certificate, you must complete at least 4000 hours of supervised experience.

We’ve heard enough for today; let us leave the rest for another time. Out of everything discussed, you can see what MSW study in Utah is all about.

If you would like to learn more about MSW studies in Utah, please visit the university’s official website of your choice. You can learn more about their application programs and procedures—best of luck.

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